Mid Season Regional Championship

Posted: July 24, 2011 in Racing

Below is our mid season Results for 944-Spec Midwest Region NASA Championship.  Neal is the runaway leader with 1 full race’s worth of points in the lead (100+ points).  However the fight for 2nd is a 6 way tie with only a 50 point gap from 2nd through 7th.  The Mid Ohio race is coming up in August 13/14 weekend and it will be a crossover event with Great Lakes Region meaning we will have quite a full field.  We are allowed 6 drops at the end of the season (except if it is a technical disqualification or infraction) which will start making a difference by dropping missed races or low scores.

2011 NASA Midwest 944-Spec Regional Championship

Position  Driver Name  Class   Total Points
1 Neal Agran  944 Spec   628
2 Eric Kuhns  944 Spec   520
3 Dan Pina  944 Spec   505
4 Joel Karns  944 Spec   500
5 angel blazquez  944 Spec   485
6 Sudhir Chhikara  944 Spec   472
7 Ray Freundt  944 Spec   470
8 Ken Frey  944 Spec   361
9 Sam Grant  944 Spec   190
10 Thomas Stein  944 Spec   145
11 Michael Dalton  944 Spec   139

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