Great Lakes 944-Spec Racer: Tommy Stein

Posted: July 2, 2011 in Miscellaneous, Racing

7/5/11 Update: Sad news today as Tommy passed away from his injuries.  He was with family and friends and is now at peace driving record setting laps in the afterlife.  Eric made some stickers in remembrance of Tommy #444.  Contact me or visit the 944-Spec Forum you are interested in some for your own fleet of cars.


Tommy is a Great Lakes 944-Spec racer (former Ducati motorbike racer) who frequently joins us Midwest guys at our crossover events.  Unfortunately he was involved in a horrific accident near his home in Ohio.  He is fighting for his life and our racing community has him in our hopes and prayers.

I got to know him last year at Autobahn in August where he won his very first race.  To help us all remember who he was and his passion for racing and life I’ve included some photos taken by Linda/Eric Kuhns from our Putnam Park race earlier this year (I don’t get to take enough pictures of the group).  We are all fighting for you, so get well Tommy!

  1. I’m sad to report that Tommy past away yesterday. He will be missed by his family and friends and racers alike. He was too young to go.

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