6.26.11 PCA KC Region Autocross

Posted: June 26, 2011 in Racing

I was able to attend my first PCA event in a while – and my first ever Autocross.  With all the track days and racing I’ve been doing – I’m surprised I’ve never done an autocross.  I do know as an instructor when having a novice student who did a lot of autocross – it is the opposite hands on experience (fast quick hands versus slow smooth hands).  In fact after my first session – the most noticeable comparison to driving on a racetrack is recovering from a tank slapper or mitigating a spin.  It is good practice and I want to make sure I get a lot of seat time in between races – with Autobahn coming up in early July.  Since I no longer have my 944 near where I live – I had one choice – the Civic which is a nice light, short wheelbase car – good platform for autocross.

Front Facing Camera

Rear Facing Camera

  1. John Sundeen says:

    It was ironic to see a fine driver push a 160hp Civic around the track faster than a bunch of serious Porsche equipment driven by novices, including myself. You beat my Boxster S 120 second time by about 5 seconds. It was a pleasure to meet you and be shown up by you.

  2. Thanks John, it was a pleasure meeting you. I will try to make the Sept 22 event too.

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