SOLD – Lindsey Racing 3 Piece Cross Member

Posted: May 20, 2011 in Miscellaneous

Update: This item is also sold as of now.  Should make the new owner very happy to do pseudo quick fixes to the underside of the car.  Wish Porsche would have done this from the factory.

When I originally built my 944-Spec car this was an addition I wanted to have. It makes it much easier to maintain the bottom end of your 944’s engine with this in place. A simple unbolt of steering rack and remove the center section gives you access to oil pan / rod bearings in a fraction of the time (without it you need to unbolt the steering rack, suspend the engine, unhook the lower control arms, remove the motor mounts to simply do an oil pan gasket or rod bearings – even worse if you have a turbo).

Unfortunately – for the rules in the race series I compete in – these are no longer allowed, thus I had to convert back to a factory one piece nit.

This is a true Lindsey Racing unit and not a custom made unit – so it retains the original suspension geometry and very well made (other custom units have been known to crack).  I paid over $350 after it was all said and done and had to wait for it to be made.  It has no cracks or damage to it and is in excellent condition.  Includes all hardware that came with it.  Just needs to be cleaned and installed.  I’ll sell for $300 shipped – take away any hassle of having to ship a core and wait for the work to be done (~ 2 weeks).


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