SOLD – Early Manual Steering Rack

Posted: May 20, 2011 in Miscellaneous

Update: This item is sold.  Seems I offered it really cheap – but it was not a complete unit and will need a lot of parts to make it complete – still a good basis.

I’ve had this spare manual steering rack for some time and no longer need it.  It turns smoothly and works well.  It is from an early car and has those style tie rod ends. If you want to use it with a later car you’ll need to get late manual steering tie rod ends.  $90 shipped is all I’m asking.  Considering used complete sets go for $300+ this is a good deal especially if you want to convert to a later car as manual steering was very rare and you need to buy new tie rod ends anyway ($300!).

Everything picture is included but to note it is missing:

  • Driver side tie rod end
  • All rubber boots
  • Intermediate steering shaft (connects rack to steering column)

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