Precursor to Race 2: Putnam Park Road Course

Posted: May 6, 2011 in Racing

With race weekend 1 in the books – the next race weekend event is up for grabs.  Season Points thus far:

At Putnam our group is expected to have the largest field ever for a Midwest / Great Lakes crossover event with up to 15 cars.  Even better – all the European cars will get their own run group for the first time (that means the GTS, 944-Spec and Spec E30 cars).  We now need to watch out for GTS4/5 run group where GT3 cup cars can run!  That is a great thing about NASA as they adapt class sizes to the event.  Putnam Park is also a great track to run – as it was originally designed as a test track for the Diaso racecar providing high speed corners where you need delicate balance and some low speed technical corners.

My plan this weekend is to run some test & tune on Friday and get some coaching from more experienced racers.  I’m hoping with some in car instruction and data review I will make further strides in improvement.  Friday evening is the start of our Endurance Race series with a 1.5 hour (single driver) enduro and the 3 hour (pit stop and driver change required) enduro.  In the spirit of things I’m driving two stints: one with Ray in his newly built car (I’ll drive first); then the latter part of the race with my standard Enduro teammate Sid after he pits later in the race.  I think I’m going to be quite tired after this weekend.

Putnam Park Road Course

Of course I would never be able to do this if my wonderful family didn’t make sacrifices to allow me to spend the time and money.  I’m very grateful that I have such a great support base.  I figure get my high speed hi-jinx out in a safe and controlled manner.

My goal to offset this race weekend is to build my own compost tumbler so I can compost more food waste (except meat/oil) and use in the garden.  I’m buying a used food grade barrel and some hardware and have a set of plans to make one for less than $40 (normally cost $100+).


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