Solar Panel Efficiency Improvements

Posted: April 26, 2011 in Being Green, Green Technology

This is really cool news on the home front as MIT researchers have genetically engineered a common virus to help solar cells become more efficient in harvesting energy from the sun but also to reduce manufacturing costs by making more production processes at room temperature.  The virus helps by making another new technological discovery more likely – using graphene in production of solar cells.  The virus helps distribute graphene more efficiently throughout the cell in a water soluble solution at room temperatures.  The virus then produces a byproduct of titanium dioxide which is a silicon substitute that is lighter and  – with the promise of organic medium further.  The advantage that see at a minimum is a 30% increase in efficiency of the solar cell, reduction in weight, and substantial reduction in manufacturing costs.

Source: MIT Article

  1. Lon Waldren says:

    I agree, but we all need to appreciate that adding Solar on their house is an asset that could increase the future worth of their residence if / when they come to a decision to sell. With the environment the way it is going we simply cannot ignore any solution that supplies no cost electricity at no cost to both the consumer and more significantly the earth!

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