Precursor to Race Weekend 1: Autobahn County Club

Posted: April 15, 2011 in Being Green, Racing

As the old saying goes: “born to race, forced to work”.  The season of being only an insignificant desk jockey is coming to a welcome end.  As I unhook my laptop and pack it away, I then walk outside this early morning and bask in the warmth of the spring morning warmth.  I breathe in and smell the scents of nature springing back to life – observing the vibrant colors of tulips and redbud trees.  I sit in conflict as I am also nervously waiting for the first smells of race season – hot brakes and tires, gasoline and burnt hydrocarbons.

Tis the season of going “all out” in my hobby – a full race season with the Midwest 944-Spec group (7 races) with the aspiration to qualify and compete in my first ever National Championship.  By outsourcing all the concerns between the races that I was never properly motivated nor had the time to do (maintaining the car, fixing the car, storing the car, and towing it to the races) – I have … time to reflect, even relax. Being a racer in your 30’s is a very hard balance – balancing family and children, career, and racing.  Time just melts away like ice we use in our cool suit systems.  By outsourcing I now have more time that I’ve ever had to focus on what is most important – that is a family who supports me in my pursuit of a dream.

After reflection, I finish going over my packing list and brew myself up a steamy hot cup of ginger peach black tea on my Tassimo. I sit down at the table and sit in contemplation of what is ahead.  Just as I am about to walk out the door, my son sleepy stumbles down the stairs calling my name.  He gives me a hug I will always remember that conveys – “good luck, be safe”.  That sets my mood for the drive to the airport – a steady, safe lumbering pace, neatly apexing corners while driving my former tow vehicle – going over a list in my head of what I may have not remembered.  I make it to the airport with very little traffic – amazed at how Kansas’ interstates are well designed and free flowing even though I am driving during the start of rush hour.  My flight getting ready to board, I pick up my helmet and board the plane often getting strange looks.  I’m going to enjoy my time – Friday forecast calls for snow and I don’t have any blizzaks.


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