ETTuning Open House 3.5.11

Posted: March 7, 2011 in Miscellaneous

I was able to head over to St. Louis for ET Tuning’s Open House last weekend.  ET Tuning is a St Louis area NASA shop located in Union, MO (about 30 mins from STL) supporting the Midwest group.  Several employees will be attending different NASA races throughout the season including fielding a Spec Miata and when finished an LS9 turbocharged (or centrifugal supercharger) 350Z “Frankenstein” in Super Unlimited class – with over 1,000 hp.

Some Nice Cars In Progress

SCCA Vintage Racer - 912

964 with 965 Widebody and Suspension Getting Prepped

Frankenstein Forced Inducted V8 350Z

Chevy V8 Conversion in 928 - PoorVette

XJR with Small Block V8

If you are in the St. Louis area please check out ET Tuning when you can.

  1. Thanks for supporting ET Tuning and NASA MidWest! We enjoyed having everyone out to our shop. Thanks again to everyone for participating!

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