Helmet – Design Imitation and Painting Completed

Posted: February 20, 2011 in Racing

I had to get a new helmet as mine expired.  Most racing organizations follow the Snell Memorial Foundation’s testing / requirements for automobile racing helmets.  One requirement is this foundation tests new helmet designs and gives them a maximum 10 year lifetime (all dependent upon date of manufacturing).  My helmet was a SNELL 2000 rated helmet meaning that it is good for 10 years after the year of the rating.  For instance, a helmet sold on clearance in 2006 with a SNELL 2000 rating is only good up to the year 2010 even though it was manufactured in 2006 (giving it an effective life of just 4 years), whereas a helmet sold in 2006 with a SNELL 2005 rating is good up to the year 2015 (giving it an effective life of 10 years).  Most helmet manufacturers stop selling helmets with less than 5 years rated life.  You’ll notice they will have big sales discounts to move the old inventory.  It doesn’t mean the helmets are bad – just a thorough way of making sure helmets are routinely updated in safety over time and (for us racers – keeps the smell level down as an old helmet can stink after a while).  To learn more about the Snell Memorial Foundation please click this link.

McQueen - Tag Heuer Helmet

I decided with my new helmet to get a neat graphics design – as for years I raced with a plain white helmet.  I happened upon a great sale at soloracer.com for a SNELL 2010 Pyrotect Pro AirFlow helmet for $300 with a 10% off and free shipping coupon.  Protect Pro AirFlow licensed an older but good Bell helmet design so it is very similar to a Bell but for much less.

The design I choose was an older LeMans movie style helmet (above) that mimicked the old Tag Heuer themed Triumph motorcycles of the Steve McQueen era.

Triumph Motorcycle Racing Colors

The shop I had paint it is located in Topeka, KS.  Travis is the owners name and his Website is tcconceptsllc.com.  I will likely paint the car to match these colors in the future.

Tag Heuer - Triumph Motorcycle Racing Scheme

From the Top

Left Side View


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