F1 – Same Conflict as All Racers

Posted: February 18, 2011 in Being Green, Racing

F1 is going through its paces with trying to make itself greener.  Unfortunately the concept is quite behind the times as they are focusing on one aspect only – making the actual racecars more fuel efficient.  What is ironic is that the cars accout for only 1% of the total emissions from the sport – the greater part is the transportation of the crew, equipment globally using large cargo airplanes, 18 wheeler trucks and freighters.  With F1 traveling to the Far East, Middle East, and moving up to 20 races a year it has substantially increased its carbon footprint over its old focus on racing in Europe.  Now I understand the drive as F1 is the most popular world motorsports venue – but it seems they have to have a race in every single country with at least one reliable viewer.

So F1s solution: Reintroducing the KERs (kinetic energy recovery system) and requiring all teams to employ this technology.  In fact the brief advantage of the system was well overshadowed by the higher center of gravity and weight penalty given if you ran the system.  That aside, this requirement is so insubstantial to the overall carbon footprint it is almost laughable.  F1 – you want to make your series green?… Then reduce the amount of travel and transport required which will cut your emissions footprint exponentially better than employing the KERs system alone.

Williams KERs Video


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