Recycling for KC Metro Area & Opt Out of Phone Book Delivery

Posted: February 8, 2011 in Being Green

I found a great Website that lists all recycling by material and location for the KC Metro area.  This should be good information for those who do not know where to recycle items.  I now found places to recycle old alkaline, rechargeable small batteries, plastic bags, Styrofoam, etc.  In Johnson county they do a pretty good job with recycling but they have limits such as not taking plastic bags (local grocery stores and Wal-Mart/Target take these), batteries (local electronics store can take them), light bulbs including fluorescent (Home Depot / Lowes and Dept stores take these), and Styrofoam (downtown unfortunately). – by Mid America Regional Council.

Also I found out how to stop getting the phone book.  On the back of the front cover or in the main info section of each phone book you get – there’s normally an Opt Out phone # you call.  Unfortunately the advertising revenue these companies get (based on delivery metrics to households) they make it difficult by often requiring you to fill out a card dropped off at your door, or they will repeatedly pester you with phones calls that you’ve opted out of delivery and if you’d wish to continue.  Unfortunately you’ll have to do this ever 2-3 years b/c they only carry the opt out for that period of time.  It’s been almost a decade since I’ve actually used a paper phone book for anything.


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