Time Waster of the Day – Exhaust Notes

Posted: December 15, 2010 in Miscellaneous

Car & Driver has put together a beautiful comparison of 52 weeks of exhaust notes from their favorite cars.  Follow this link to hear over 60 different exhaust notes.  Once a week C&D will release a new exhaust note you can guess.  Listen in to learn the difference in sounds of a v12/v10/v8/v6, inline 4, or boxer 6 / 4 engines – even to a wankel or electric Tesla engine.  Even better – you can download an MP3 for your phone!  Name That Exhaust Note.

The Coke Snorting 4 Cylinder

The American Ear Drum Buster

The German Muscle Car

The Latin Viagra

The Axe Murderer


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