Philadelphia Eagles Go Green (Pun Intended)

Posted: November 21, 2010 in Being Green, Green Technology

Declaration of Energy Independence

The Philadelphia Eagles are already one of the leaders in reducing their waste using 100% recycled paper materials (for napkins, paper, etc.), recycling their used kitchen oil to make biodiesel, etc.  This time they have hired SolarBlue to convert their stadium using 2,500 solar panels, add 80 vertical wind turbines, and building a 7.6 megawatt onsite cogeneration plant that can burn various fuels produced from onsite waste.  The stadium is planned to be completed by September 2011 and be the worlds first energy independent large stadium in the world.  Energy production will be in excess over the year with the ability to sell excess back to the grid.  This equates to removal of 41,000 cars a year.

Now if they can do something about the large flat parking lots that are heat islands during the summer – such as creating parking garages and removing the vast blacktop parking lots with green space to help further add carbon and heat absorbing plant life.

Read the link here including watching the public announcement here.


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