Weekend Project: Sliding Lower Cabinet Shelves

Posted: November 18, 2010 in Miscellaneous

Tired of crawling on my hands and knees to search the recesses of our lower cabinets in the kitchen to find the rarely used kitchen cooking appliances and cookware, I devised a plan to create slide out shelves so I can easily pull out the contents, actually see it and get access all without leaving my feet.  Funny thing is – put a bunch of rare / infrequent used items in one place and you find yourself accessing items more often than you’d think.  After this I’m hoping that my bad habit of watching the food network will no longer be such a wasted effort.

I did some searching around and decided to DIY.  I figure in saving money on having a handyman do this job I’ll spend probably a 1/3rd of my budget.  I found some great plans on a DIY website.  I’m going to put in a total of 7 shelves like these.  2 shelves for a normal narrow sized cabinet (24″x13″), 4 large shelves under our kitchen island (31″x32″) and 1 shelf for our flat pan (24″x3″).

Sample Photo from Instructions at TOH

I looked into doing Bamboo plywood for the shelves but at $293 + shipping for a 4×8 sheet versus $45 for a birch plywood made it a no brainer.  The wood did say it came from sustainable forests (not sure how much that means true).  Sometimes it is just not cost feasible to be green.


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