2013 Start of Construction of Taiwan Tower

Posted: November 18, 2010 in Being Green, Green Technology

2013 will start the ground breaking of the world’s first building to mimic the structure of an actual tree (it is actually designed to mimic the country of Taiwan which is shaped like a tree).  It will also be a zero carbon foot print building – one of the first in the world. DSBA and upgrade.studio won the design contest in the Taiwan Tower Conceptual International Competition.

Floating Observatories, render courtesy DSBA + upgrade.studio

Plans include the following sustainability features:

  • minimum footprint at land level;
  • maximum green area surface;
  • all circulations are vertically integrated (main and secondary functions for both services and tourists);
  • the “chimney” effect is used for the natural ventilation of various functional areas;
  • the office and services areas in the tower have a 360° orientation, which offers the possibility to minimize the green-house effect through the use of cross-ventilation;
  • the electrical energy is produced by:
    • a system of axial turbines located along the vertical central core;
    • adjustable photovoltaic panels on the whole height of the tower
  • the lighting of the basement areas and of the museum spaces under the sandwich slab (structure-plants earth-pedestrian traffic) is done through a fiber optics dome system;
  • heating of the floating observatories are done through an electromagnetic field using the electrical power created by the new generation membrane which wraps the helium tanks and captures through photovoltaic transmission;
  • the rain water is collected from all platforms into a tank situated in the basement; there is a purification station near the rain water tank so that water can be reused

    • washing;
    • irrigation of the green areas;
    • running water for toilets;
  • there is a geothermal power station in the basement for the warming of the areas in
    cold season and for hot water;

Floating Observatories - Section, drawing courtesy DSBA + upgrade.studio

For a lot more information click on this link to view the entire article.


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