Greensburg Trip – Kiowa County School District (USD 422) Part 2

Posted: November 12, 2010 in Being Green, Green Technology

This is Part 2 of my tour of the Kiowa County School District (422) in October 2010.  I must say off the bat the school is very, very impressive and quite modern.  It is also in certification to become LEED platinum.  I think this is a model we should strive for when building any new public (or private) school.  We need to help educate ourselves and our children to conserve what we have.

Main Entrance from Outside

Main Entrance from Inside

Lobby by administrative offices for Elementary section.

Libary divides main entrance and outdoor quadrangle.

HVAC System:

  • Installed by Thermal Components Company
  • 56 Geothermal heat pumps
  • Geothermal well field w/ loop pumps w/ 99 bores up to a depth of 400′ each


  • Strategic window placement to significantly reduce the need for artificial lighting during the day (automatic system controls lighting to keep it at a consistent level (with manual override)
  • Studies have shown that classrooms with more natural light tend to improve students concentration
  • Lutron high efficiency CFL lighting with dimmable ballasts
  • Uses reclaimed materials from Katrina stricken areas

Natural Lighting Works - a 9 Year Old Sitting Quiet and Reading something Educational!

School Cafeteria w/ large windows and outdoor cafe.

Hallway with natural lighting between Cafeteria and Gym.

Gym requires little to no artificial lighting during the day due to window placement.

Closer pictures of ceiling windows showing angle to allow in light.

Flat roof covered in white RXX insulation to reduce heat island effect. This looks like a great spot for native plants.

Annual Energy Usage of New SD versus Standard Construction

For more information on this project please read DOE flyer on Kiowa County SD 422.


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