Greensburg Trip – City Hall

Posted: November 5, 2010 in Being Green, Green Technology

Greensburg City Hall - Front Entrance

Greensburg previous City Hall was completely destroyed by the tornado.  Like the 5.4.7 Arts center the City Hall uses several active systems (4.8 kw solar panels mounted on south facing angled roof to increased to increase efficiency; gray water dual flush toilet system, low flow faucets, and geothermal heat pumps) ; passive systems (vegetative roof, rainwater collection, controlled interior lighting, low wattage exterior lighting, energy efficient windows with strategic placement, R-30 level insulated walls, low water landscaping and smart runoff); and reclaimed materials.  Though the new City Hall is bigger (4,700 sq feet) it uses less than 1/2 the energy of a standard building of this size.  Imagine your electric bill to be $12 overall for an early summer month in KS!  For more information on City Hall’s efforts click here.

LED Street Light

Slanted Roof for better PV solar capture.

Rain Capture system with drought resistant buffalo grass and landscaping.

Annual Energy Costs Chart


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