Greensburg Trip – 5.4.7 Arts Center

Posted: November 1, 2010 in Being Green, Green Technology

We first visited the 5.4.7 Arts Center.  This building was the first LEED Platinum building in the State of Kansas and the first ever in this country that was built by students (from University of Kansas).  Most of the building itself was built in Lawrence, KS and shipped out in sections, then the majority put together by the students.

5.4.7 Art Center

Art Sculpture Using Local Debris

Active Systems:

It is given power by 3 Kestrel Wind Turbines and 8 solar panels on the roof.  The HVAC system is geothermal using 3 200 foot deep wells where it taps into the constant under surface temperature of 55 degrees.  These systems are wired into a control panel that provides energy and heat/cool to the building.  Any excess power made is sold back to the utility company.

Kestrel Wind Turbines

Solar Concentrator Panels

Building Construction:

The siding of the building is built using reclaimed wood (from local warehouses in DeSoto, KS) and over top of that it has 260 pieces of tempered glass which blocks harmful UV rays and protects the wood and keeps the building walls cooler in the summer.  One side of the walls lifts up to create shade and allow in cool air (see video – I got outside late to film the entire opening unfortunately).  The floor uses 4″ concrete which allows it to absorb heat in the winter from the sun.  It has natural skylights which provide ventilation when opened and reduces the need for artificial light.  The lighting system is computer controlled based on natural daylight and user need.  The roof is covered with plants or sedum which reduces the heat island effect of a hot roof and increases insulation.  Rainwater is collected in a 1,500 gallon cistern which is used to water the grass (which is buffalo grass which is heat tolerant and can stand KS summers w/o excess watering).  The insulation uses recycled newspapers and counter tops are compress recycled cardboard.


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