Upcoming Visit: Greensburg, KS

Posted: October 25, 2010 in Being Green, Green Technology

Thursday I will be taking a tour of Greensburg, KS with the Central Plains Chapter of the US Green Building Council.  Over 90% of the town was destroyed in 2007 from a F5 tornado (F5 is the largest and most devastating classification of tornados) that was over a mile wide.  The town was left with two options, dis-incorporate and move elsewhere or rebuild.  And rebuild they did, focusing on the name of the town by making it the first fully sustainable town in the US (Europe is way ahead of the US in sustainability efforts).  Energy production comes from renewable power (mainly wind), gov’t building, residential homes and commercial businesses were built to sustainability measures called LEED – thereby using less energy to heat/cool saving the owner money over the long run.  This equates to 74% of all electricity produced in the US is used to cool/heat our buildings and 39% total energy made from all sources.

We will be touring the 5-4-7 Arts Center (LEED Platinum), Greensburg City Hall (LEED Platinum), Greensburg Business Incubator (LEED Platinum), and Tour Kiowa County Schools (Registered LEED Platinum).  I’ll have pictures and more information after the trip.


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