US Gov’t to Allow 1st Ever Solar Capture on Public Lands

Posted: October 6, 2010 in Being Green, Green Technology

The US Gov’t for the first time will use public lands (one in TX and other in Death Valley in CA) to house a large scale farm of solar panel concentrators.  This is a more efficient form of solar capture and each site will produce up to 768 megawatts of power (enough to power up to 566,000 homes).  Late but not too late as our Gov’t is way behind the rest of the industrial world (mainly Europe) in adopting sustainable energy projects as part of its agenda.  Due to the US being the largest consumer of energy of any nation in the world – it would make sense that we would also be the leader in developing cleaner sources of energy and reduce our dependence on foreign sources.

US DoI Press Release

Another interesting addition that befits this strategy – the US Military is now being ordered to become less energy dependent – as your machines and troops are at the will of the supply lines.  This is topped off by the closing of the Pakistan border and the terrorists attacking the fuel tankers needed to supply troops in Afghanistan.


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