End of Season Race – 944-Spec @ Putnam Park

Posted: October 6, 2010 in Racing

October 9/10 is the final round of NASA Midwest 944-Spec series.  This will be my 3rd race this year with the group.  I am ready for the season to be over as I’m tired after going through change of trailer, rebuilding an engine, and some very long tows.

Trackside Support & Then Some: Midwest 944-Spec is sponsored by Bennington Motorsports “BENMS” (owner Nick Miller) who is based in Lafayette, IN.  For a nominal fee for the weekend – BENMS provides trackside support including:

  • Enduro Support including refueling and wrenching on the car in the paddock and hot pits.
  • Trackside support for the entire weekend including car setup, alignment, setting tires and pressures, wrenching on the car, etc.
  • 1 or 2 other mechanics to help work on the cars
  • They bring a fully prepared rental car and can rent it for the weekend (the ultimate arrive & drive)
  • Spare Parts (they have almost a complete spare car they bring along for parts)
  • Food & drinks are supplied including lunches catered by Blasquez Catering.
  • Common area for all racers to hang out and relax.

A major reason why this formula works is the fact that the drivers have a good time and can spend more time talking and getting to work together as a group and have fun racing.  Races are often mixed up with standing / flying starts, inverted grids, pursuit races, enduros, one lap challenges, switching with other 944 Spec drivers for qualifying, switching cars with Camaro Mustang Challenge cars (yes – literal opposites) for fun races, and 100 lap races that focus on maintaining an average speed.  With having a full fledged shop with experienced mechanics there to keep you up and running – it makes life so much easier for racers.

I’ll have a post weekend update when I get back home and settled.


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