Set Up a To Do List for Track & Race Weekends

Posted: October 5, 2010 in Being Green, Racing

Packing for the track seems to be a last minute thing for most people including me.  I often find myself struggling to get things ready to go until the day I have to leave or even just an hour or two before I need to leave.  After having done this several times I found that a common list can be made that prepares me.  I’ve found that if I categorize my preparation and packing needs into several key areas, I can pack quickly and more efficient:

  • To Do List Before Leaving – this will be items I need to get done before packing / leaving for the track.  It includes work needing to be done to the car; work to be done to the trailer; maintenance to be done on the tow vehicle; personal items; camera equipment; shopping lists; paperwork to be completed; registration; reservations for lodging; washing racesuit and equipment; and an optional list of items that maybe needed.
  • Packing List – items that need to be packed and loaded such as race gear; tools; pit gear; food; personal items; miscellaneous items; etc.  I have boxes that I keep set up so all I have to do is load them on and off the truck with as little trip as necessary.
  • During Trip – stops I should make on the way such as visiting friends, etc.
  • At the Track – setting up pit area; completing last minute items; getting car ready for first session, etc.
  • Post Track Weekend list – gives me an idea of what will be needed to be done before the next track weekend (this list then becomes the first bullet point for the next event).

The To Do List helps a lot and it all depends on if I’m going to race or simply head out for a DE and have some fun.  I also found that with this list I can pack less items needed as I constantly revise what I am bringing in order to reduce weight in the tow vehicle.  Every little bit counts where necessary.

I am in the process of preparing to head to Putnam Park to race with NASA 944-Spec October 8 – 10th.

  1. Jereme says:

    great list…. off to go pack for tomorrow! nothing like starting at 8:15pm the night before 🙂

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