Kansas City Region DE Aftermath

Posted: October 4, 2010 in Racing

From 5 AM Friday – 3:30 PM Sunday – 100s of locals from Kansas and Missouri converged upon Heartland Park Topeka racetrack to finish out their year with some fun, excitement and shenanigans.

Friday sessions are allowed for instructors and advanced students.  The format is simple – track opens and you run to your hearts content or until the track closes.

Sat/Sun sessions run on a schedule as novice and beginner students go through their first steps.  The track is also much busier and is loaded with a lot of spectators and families of the drivers.  I often try to get some friends to come on out and watch or if they are lucky come out for a ride along.

Things we can learn:

  • You can use a car that has pulled off the side of the track as a reference for a turn in point (especially when they do it two subsequent sessions in a row).  Thanks Brian.
  • If someone’s car breaks and cannot finish the weekend – the vultures will swarm over it and start taking parts off it.
  • Everyone who does this will eventually go off track or spin…it is not a question of if, but when.  It sounds scary but you also learn how to go off safely – how to go 4 wheels of straight and learn how to lock up brakes to control the skid so that you skid in a somewhat controlled straight line.
  • Engines – come and go.  I am off a fresh rebuild from a broken engine.  3 other engines with a lot of track miles on them succumbed to this fate too.  It is always good to have a backup track sled just in case – even when it’s your daily driver.
  • Taking a student out for some laps while fighting tooth and nail with 2 other racers gives that student a rude awakening of how much a car can do…and not do.
  • Powerpuff girl stickers on a man’s helmet means he can drive.  His new name is Buttercup.
  • At any given track weekend it is more likely a racer or an instructor will spin than a student.

We were missing a wonderful person and our track steward – Greg Wright who is fighting for his life from cancer.  We wish him and his family all the best.


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