Cheaper Carbon Fiber Coming Our Way?

Posted: October 4, 2010 in Being Green, Green Technology

Lamborghini & Callaway Golf have team together to help work on a cheaper form of carbon fiber composites using a new method called Forged Composites.  This method instead of requiring layered sheets to be woven to the structure – it mixes fiber with the resin to create a paste like substance that can be pressure cast into varying shapes.  This allows it to make complex shapes much easier and much cheaper.  Even better the new method creates even stronger finished materials.

The benefits are substantial as carbon fiber is much lighter than steel, aluminum, and other metals but is stronger.  The big problem with US automobiles is how heavy they’ve gotten as features / safety / etc. have all required gains in weight.  Not to mention the need for bigger cars for…well bigger seats.

Read This Story Here


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