Jetta TDI Cup vs. Honda CR-Z

Posted: September 28, 2010 in Miscellaneous

Autoblog did a comparison of the Jetta TDI Cup and the Honda CR-Z.  Both get ~35mpg combined but Jetta does it with a bigger and heavier sized sedan and a diesel engine with 236ft lbs of torque while Honda does it with a gas IMA hybrid in a 2 seat hatchback which weighs substantially less than the VW.  What I don’t understand is why does a 1.3 liter 2 seater hybrid that weighs substantially less than a 4 door sedan with a diesel get the same mileage.  In fact the original g1 Insight (which also was a 2 seater hatchback) used to get near 50mpg combined back in 1999 when it went on sale (recalculated for the newer EPA ratings) whereas the 2010 (3 generations later of IMA) CR-Z gets 33% less?

In the end – the short wheelbase and lighter CR-Z was more fun in the twisties but the Jetta was faster in a straight line and much more comfortable to drive on the highway.  The TDI Cup though costs about $30k! (it is heavily marked up as it’s a special edition car) whereas, the base TDI Jetta costs $23k and for a little extra money you can get a similar suspension.  Full article – click here.


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