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Posted: September 14, 2010 in Being Green, Racing

I’ve been pondering starting a blog regarding my endeavors in my hobby – racing.  But first, here’s a little about me.  I’m gainfully employed and work on proposals / contracts for a mid sized IT company.  I’m a father of a smart and talented 9 yo boy and husband to a wonderful and understanding wife.  I have to balance my time between family, work, hobby, sanity, etc.

About 6 years ago I started a new hobby.  I took several driving schools to learn how to drive a car in high performance situations.  It has blossomed from an occasional weekend here and there to becoming an instructor (read enabler) to others to learn how to drive cars fast and have fun (all in a safe environment).  It got worse…2 years ago I found that driving fast and teaching others to do so was not enough.  I needed more and I started road racing – think Watkins Glen as opposed to Chicago Speedway (oval only).  From there I started with a small engined car (1.5 liter Honda Civic) and now currently race an old Porsche 944 (mid 80’s car with a  2.5 liter inline 4 cylinder ~ 150hp) with the Porsche Club of America and NASA (National Auto Sport Association).

I’m also an eco-conscious person who feels that his hobby is the epitome of harmful activities that conservationists target.  I do feel that I probably am not alone in my quest to convert my life from one of consumption and waste to one of smart and logical conservation.  I’ve started this blog to better track my time (time is money) in both my normal life and in my hobby.  I hope that this effort will provide me with valuable feedback from others and a venue to discuss issues and concerns (likely with myself).

Anyway – welcome to my Blog and please feel free to comment and provide insight.

  1. June says:

    You claim that your writing is terrible, but every entry is clear and concise and thoughtfully written. We are proud of you!

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