Under Cabinet LED Light Install

Posted: September 14, 2010 in Being Green

During the Day

At Night

Our only lights in the kitchen use the incandescent recessed lighting and incandescent night light in the microwave (as it sits over the cooktop – though these lights when used frequently as night lights get so hot they burn out w/in 2 months of use), or two CFL lights over the kitchen island.  So I wanted to do something to give a nice fresh light in the kitchen under the cabinets (as it is dark b/c of the shadow from said cabinets) for use during cooking and at night as night lights to keep a little light in the kitchen before shutting them down when I would turn in for the night.

I wound up buying this kit from Home Depot (comes with 3 lights – wall plug, the ac to DC / USB inverter).  It was easy to install except getting access under the counter as I’m over 6′ tall and the counter top has only 16″ of clearance from the cabinets.  Fortunately, there was trim under the cabinets creating a nice thick lip so it hides everything nicely.  Only part that shows is the plug that runs down to the outlet.

  1. KW says:

    Now if they would come out with a nice system of garage lighting so I could get rid of the cancer causing fluorescents.

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