Implementing Recylcing at the Track

Posted: September 14, 2010 in Being Green

In my normal life – I spend most of my time trying to recycle almost all items we are allowed to. In fact I think our recycling bin on average is more full than the trash. Things that I cannot recycle include Styrofoam and plastic bags. I cannot get around the latter as whatever object I buy will come with it regardless but I do use the reusable bags 90% of the time (when I don’t forget them) so plastic bag use is very small.

Last weekend I was at the races (did ok with a 6th place and 3rd place finish – so was pretty happy). I also set up a large bag for empty water bottles, cans, glass, etc. We did quite a good job in recycling about a 13 gallon trash bag (though I did have to haul it back home). It made me feel better but I’m going to note something to the series and see if they can implement a policy to promote recycling (maybe provide large bags for this purpose to those who want to do it – maybe get volunteers to tie them to the garbage cans).


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